Fulfillment services. As flexible and scalable as you want it to be.

No minimum contract periods

No minimum quantities

Maximum flexibility

Focus on what makes your business grow

With us warehousing, shipping and returns processing, you can focus on what will grow and scale your business. No matter how big your business already is.

Seamless transmission and transparency through digitization

We can connect to all common shop systems and marketplaces and thus enable automated collection of orders. This means that our employees carry out the pick & pack processes professionally and your orders receive a short delivery time with a low error rate at the same time.

Profit from our shipping conditions

Through special conditions with the shipping service providers, we not only enable you to save a considerable amount of work and increase efficiency, but also offer favorable shipping conditions at the same time.

Our digital infrastructure

With access to our cloud ERP, you always have an overview of your goods and orders. From goods receipt to posting, storage and shipping, you have an overview of the orders we process.

Returns management and multi-carrier option

Returns management can also be simpler. Using the returns portal, your customers can simply send their returned products to us. Through multi-carrier connection, we enable you to use a variety of different shipping service providers for your customers.

Your benefits from working with us.

By working with us in the fulfillment area, you will receive a variety of other benefits in addition to increased efficiency.

Scalability with more orders

With our flexible infrastructure and easy access to labor, as well as support from digital technologies, we can quickly respond to increasing order volumes and serve your customers.

Special conditions and fast delivery times

Due to our special conditions you get better prices with all common shipping service providers. Through experienced cooperation, the collaboration with the shipping service providers is fast and reliable.

High accuracy in pick & pack

Avoiding errors is better than ironing out mistakes. Thanks to technology-supported goods entries and pick & pack processes, we have a very low error rate in the operational area.

High security and adaptation to your current situation

Your goods are safely stored in our logistics center and protected from unauthorized access. Our conditions are adapted to your respective company situation and sales volumes.

Preparation steps or only goods receipt, storage and call-off?

If your goods still require preparatory steps such as repackaging, labeling, shrink-wrapping or similar, we will gladly take care of these and assemble the components until the product is ready for retail sale. If your goods are already ready for sale ex works, we can organize the transport, store the goods and send them to the Amazon Warehouse on demand.

More than "just" logistics services

Logistics services are only one part of our service. We stand for added value - through our own, always up-to-date experience as an Amazon Seller and a network of product photographers, designers and printers, we can provide you with real added value in many situations of your business and are always at your side as a contact.

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