Pre-FBA Service & Logistics.

No contract terms

No minimum quantities

Maximum flexibility

Your service provider for all pre-FBA work steps

Do you have a product that still needs to be packaged or requires preparatory steps before sale, such as creating bundles, labeling or assembling various components? Then you've come to the right place. We can fulfill (almost) all your wishes regarding your products before their time in the Amazon Warehouse, send the goods to Amazon and, if you wish, also store them temporarily with us.

Avoid opportunity and save transport costs

Realize high time savings through our collaboration and the outsourcing of your pre-FBA processes. This allows you as an Amazon seller to concentrate on your core competencies and what we really enjoy doing and what moves your business forward. In addition, you save transport costs from abroad if you have your goods packaged by us instead of by the manufacturer on site. In particular, we are your German-speaking contact with know-how in dealing with Amazon.

Digital. Flexible. Communicative

Through the extensive use of digital communication channels and software systems, we stand for maximum transparency, flexibility and accessibility during order processing and storage of your goods. This means that your products are not stuck in an opaque black box once they are with us. Our efficient infrastructure makes it easy for Amazon Sellers of any size to get started with our services.

Preparation steps or only goods receipt, storage and call-off?

If your goods still require preparatory steps such as repackaging, labeling, shrink-wrapping or similar, we will gladly take care of these and assemble the components until the product is ready for retail sale. If your goods are already ready for sale ex works, we can organize the transport, store the goods and send them to the Amazon Warehouse on demand.

Efficient pre-FBA logistics - less stress.

We optimize processes and increase your efficiency. Gain a real competitive advantage without having to hire additional staff. This also reduces your risk when scaling.

Safety every step of the way.

In the handling of goods, there is a lot of potential for errors and discrepancies. In the worst case, disputes over lost goods can be the result. We pay attention to safety and documentation in every step of the process, Proof of Delivery is a must for us. Thanks to our specifications, we know Amazon's requirements, both product-related and at the outer carton level, in the form of loose cartons or pallets. Put your trust in a reliable, experienced partner now.

Your personal Pre-FBA service & logistics chain.

Typically, our customers' products go through the following process. This is fully customizable to your needs. Omit steps or add additional ones not listed here? No problem. We create with you a service & logistics chain tailored to your products and become your optimal FBA prep center and intermediate storage in Germany.


Our part of the pre-FBA logistics chain can already start with the transport of goods. No matter if loose cartons, pallets or container loads: We can handle intra-European transports ourselves as well as worldwide import, shipping and customs services for your shipments through our import partner.

Receipt of goods

From loose cartons to pallets to container loads: We reliably accept the goods, reconcile the incoming goods, check for any damage and document it.

Confection & Assembly

Whether your products need to be assembled from several individual parts, packed in new packaging or shrink-wrapped, or you want to offer bundles - we take care of the necessary steps for you.

Quality inspection

Of course, you only want to deliver intact goods to your customers. We are happy to inspect your products - randomly or as a full inspection for damage.

Creation of marketing materials and inserts

By cooperating with our partner printer and design agency, we can provide and enclose instruction manuals, brochures or even promotional materials with your goods. They are also happy to assist you with the design.

Product pictures

They are the part of your listing that ultimately makes the sale. Our partner photographers create professional product photos according to Amazon's guidelines, which ensure that your goods are optimally presented and sold.


Your goods need barcodes, through which they can be clearly assigned to you in the Amazon warehouse. We will be happy to print and apply them.

Shipping to Amazon

As soon as your goods are to be sent to the Amazon Warehouse, we attach the FBA and shipping labels, as well as heavy weight labels if necessary, to the outer cartons and hand them over to the shipping service provider so that your products can be booked in and sold as quickly as possible. In addition to loose carton shipments, we also offer palletizing according to Amazon guidelines.

Storage and returns handling

We are happy to store your goods on demand and ship them to Amazon after receiving a message from you. Let us conveniently receive returns and returns from your customers so that we can process and store them.

No contract terms. No minimum quantities. No obligations.

We don't offer off-the-shelf products. Every offer is tailored to you and completely transparent. If you want to change or add something, it's no problem at all. Thanks to our efficient infrastructure, we can also offer our services to sellers who are still selling a manageable number of goods or are about to make their first sales.

Transparency in all processes.

As soon as your goods arrive with us, they are by no means in an opaque black box. From the receipt of goods to any value adding services to storage and finally to the call-off of goods, you always have an overview. Thanks to our customer portal, you can see live the processing status of orders, stock levels and the volume of your goods with us.

More than "just" logistics services.

Logistics services are only one part of our service. We stand for added value - through our own, always up-to-date experience as an Amazon Seller and a network of product photographers, designers and printers, we can provide you with real added value in many situations of your business and are always available to you as a contact person on the subject of FBA.

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