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The idea behind the founding of smartfillment GmbH was to actively support e-commerce companies in their logistics and product preparation processes. Since then, the company has developed further and now offers the following services and can thus enable many companies to make their day-to-day business considerably easier.

Pre-FBA services

Do you have a product that still needs to be packaged or requires preparatory steps before sale, such as creating bundles, labeling or assembling various components? Then you've come to the right place. We can fulfill (almost) all your wishes regarding your products before their time in the Amazon Warehouse, send the goods to Amazon and, if you wish, also store them temporarily with us.

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Fulfillment services

As an entrepreneur you want to focus on growing your business and not worry about the logistics and shipping processes yourself, then we offer you our fullfilment services. We will take care of the storage and shipping of your products, so you can fully concentrate on advertising and marketing. With our experienced team and our modern storage solutions, you can be sure that your products will reach your customers quickly and safely.

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Contract packaging

Your products need different packaging and packing steps? Our experienced team will take care of the packaging of your products professionally and reliably, so you can fully concentrate on promotion and sales. Save time and money and let us help you grow your business.

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Because successful collaboration is more fun.

For us, every customer counts. You are not an anonymous number in the system but always the center of our service provision. Through the management's own experience in the e-commerce sector, we know about the need for speed, flexibility and precision in the logistics and preparation processes of the goods. Let's get in touch to get a no-obligation quote and then get started with us. By working together, we can reduce your logistics stress and you can focus more on your core business.

Reasons that speak for smartfillment.

We are growing steadily because we are clearly different from other service providers for e-commerce companies. See for yourself!

Covering order peaks

We have flexible access to labor. This allows us to process even short-term, large orders very quickly and prevent order backlogs.

Understanding the needs of your products

We quickly understand how your products need to be assembled and quickly and safely create your end products from the various components, from a wooden arm exerciser to a bundle of cell phone foil and cell phone case.


Our service portfolio covers the majority of possible service needs, thanks to technical equipment and machinery and logistics warehouse with loading ramps.

Transparency through digitization

Once your goods are with us, they are by no means in an opaque black box: you have access to our internal portal and can always check stock and processing status of the goods live, as soon as they arrive with us.

Service provider for companies of all sizes

Thanks to our digital business orientation and lean infrastructure, we also enable smaller companies to start using our services

No contract terms. No minimum quantities. No obligations.

We don't offer off-the-shelf products. Every offer is tailored to you and completely transparent. If you want to change or add something, it's no problem at all. Thanks to our efficient infrastructure, we can also offer our services to sellers who sell a manageable number of goods or are about to make their first sales.

More than "just" logistics services.

Logistics services are only one part of our service. We stand for added value - through our own, always up-to-date experience as an Amazon Seller and a network of product photographers, designers and printers, we can provide you with real added value in many situations of your business and are always at your side as a contact.

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